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What is a Third Culture Kid?

“A Third Culture Kid (TCK) is a person who has spent a significant part of his or her developmental years outside the parents' culture."

David C. Pollock & Ruth Van Reken, The Third Culture Kid Experience: Growing Up Among Worlds

TCKs usually are the children of expat families who have travelled for work - a space previously occupied by the children of diplomates and the military. However, during the .com era the development of outsourced IT infrastructure and globalization of corporations expanded this to encompass jobs in every industry and every sector!

What was an unintended consequence? A lot of us would grow up in different countries in every part of the world. 

Studies show that the level of exposure and change  of environment at such a young age shapes you, develops the perspective that will stick with you for your entire life.

Weirdly enough, although each TCK has their own story there are many similarities in  our perspectives, and they go deeper than the trivial 'I like to Travel' mindset. So what are these shared perspectives that we hold as a community? How deep can we go to uncover the mind of a TCK?


I truly believe third culture kids will eventually become the norm as people continue to connect and grow beyond the arbitrary boarders set by some tribe long ago.

This blog is dedicated to discussing the philosophical and existential nature of being a third culture kid and the impact on adulthood and our overall experience of life. 

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