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Dating in your 30s as TCK (& a woman of colour) - A Short Story

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

So you're swiping on Tinder late at night after re-watching 2 seasons of Rick and Morty for the billionth time. Standard. You match a cute guy and he's from the UK, you're both living in Amsterdam and live only 2.5km away from each other... great! It's going well, there's cute banter and then he asks 'so where are you from?'

Ahh shit.....OK he's from London so you obviously can't say you're from London because you know nothing about London and haven't lived there for 17 years. Let's face it, you once got lost in the underground visiting your sister and when you asked for directions they looked at you as though you were an actual idiot because for some reason you revert to an east London accent when your around Londoners. No, you're not gonna get away with saying you're just from London.

You could say you were born in London but was raised in a few different countries? Does that sound pretentious?

Urgh they always ask you follow up questions to that response though... like what countries? why did you move? what did your parents do? Blah blah realize you cant be bothered with this right now.

You just respond 'I'm from London'

To which he replies...'No I mean, originally'

uuuh... nah

The End

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